Sunday, December 11, 2011

Foals for sale

Horse racing is a popular game all around the world and people love watching it. Do you know that horse owners spend millions of pounds on the training and development of a horse? When it comes to buy a foal for sale, one can easily understand the level of difficulty that most riders come across when evaluating a baby horse. Young horses look definitely cute, but they dont look like the mature horses that they will develop into. So, how to assess a foal, and ensure that you will be investing your money into a fruitful option.

There are numerous options as to when the good times are to look for a foal for sale. There are certain stages, in which a foal tends to look its best, and if you will get a chance to take a look at this time, you will definitely be getting a good foal.

According to experts, the first such time is around 2-3 weeks old. At this point the foal has outgrown most of the natural crookedness it may have had at the time of birth and has gained enough muscles and bones onto his body. While the foal may still be a bit unbalanced, generally by this time foals are reasonably level from front to back. By taking a careful look at them, you will get a clear idea about how they move, and do they have enough guts to face desired level competition.

The next such good time comes in and around 2-3 months of age. At this time, most foals grown out to their fullest. The only negative thing is that many foals are in the middle of shedding their foal coats, so they will look a little motley.

Although an experienced person can do a perfect examination of a foal at any time before the full growth takes place, it is important to first understand the entire growth process of foals and then make your final decision of a foal for sale. You can get enormous information on the growth cycle of a foal even on internet. 
Once they have straightened out, a large number of foals will have the leg conformation they will grow up with. Unless trimmed precisely, or surgically modified, most conformational flaws will not be grown out of. The foal's shoulder angle will stay more or less as it is, as will the neck to shoulder connection. While adding muscle can improve a weak connection, the bone structure remains the same. Likewise, a foal with weakly built hindquarters will not likely change the overall structure of the hind end. Muscle can be built up with time, but the bones remain aligned as they are.

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