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Equestrian training is a somewhat difficult practice. Training horses does not only involve giving directions to your horse but rewards that must follow the action. Every time you want to put across your instruction, a new and closer bond is created between the instructor and the horse.

Before you start guiding the horse, you have to ensure that you are a good rider and you have the required technique to control the horse. You need to be highly skillful in order to understand the nature, behavior and actions of your horse as they would be of different kind and characteristics. Each horse requires a different approach and so you need to be sensitive about the needs.
The popularity of the horseback adventure is on a rising note and plenty of foundations are coming up in association to the equestrian training. A horse put up for sale may also undergo training and could be quite alluring for people who love horses. Always remember that training a horse is considered to be more dangerous than riding a trained horse.
The equestrian training business may seem to be quite romantic according to few of the trainers but in reality it is not different than any other form of business. Even in case you are an expert in horse training, you need to have efficient management skills to succeed. For a professional, it is not very difficult to start with if a person can cope with all the initial problems that arises but to continue it further, you need expertise as well as thirst for success.
Types of equestrian training
Horseback Riding Lessons - This particular lesson is only for those people who intend to learn to ride a horse in the most secured possible approach and also imparts training to the horses that need guidance.
The beginners on the equestrian training are guided on how to balance on the back of the horse without holding back the horse and disturbing its balance. A lunge line is attached to the rider for security purpose held by the trainer to guide the students on the basics of balance and includes steering and learning as a significant part of this chapter. These are the part with which you can control a horse and make it dance to your instruction. As a beginner when you succeed in controlling a horse in the arena without any instructor, you are ready to move a step ahead to the jumping or on to dressage.
Jumping Lessons- After learning the technique of balancing, the next lesson is of jumping. The equestrian training makes the jumpers leap over the cavalettis and poles, no sooner than the learner balances themselves on the horse back. The horse starts walking quickly forward and backward getting ready for another jump when the rider needs to hold the body in a two point position so that the body balance is not lost during the next jump. Then there is ride over the cross rails, small verticals and gallop over the poles. The ground will get more difficult as the level increases.
Dressage Lessons - This part of the equestrian training will teach you on further enhanced skills where the rider learns about balancing and at the same time train the horse such that it becomes more rider-friendly. The competition Dressage, the art of dressage and the Dressage Cross Country are very vital for this process and instruct the riders on a lot of valuable aspect of riding.
On successful completion of this part, the riders can move out of the arena and ride their horses to cross countries. This part of the equestrian training lesson will test all the previous learnt skills of the both the rider as well as the horse.
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