Friday, December 9, 2011


Camel is a Pablo Picasso sketch which was classically Picasso, simple genius in demonstration as can also be seen in similar drawings that he produced such as Penguin, Cat, Dog and Rooster. This article uncovers the Camel sketch by Picasso and also comments further on the famous Spanish artist's life as a whole.

Camel features just a few strokes of the pencil in an intelligent way that makes the animal immediately obvious despite the lack of detail in the work. The same can be seen in Penguin, Cat, Dog and Rooster and these works have become respected as some of the most popular from his whole career, with many preferring simple sketches over complicated, detailed oil paintings or similar.
Pablo Picasso is a very popular artist online, with regular searches made on topics such as periods of his life, certain art styles in which he was prominently involved and also on individual works that he created during his career such as key oil paintings, drawings and some ceramics. Camel is certainly one of the most loved of all with a charming look to the sketch thanks to the artist's skilled eye for capturing it.
Camel is a great example of simplicity in art with just a few small short strokes of the pencil giving a charming art work that remains highly popular today. Those interested in Camel should also try out Picasso's other similar drawings of animals, of which he did many during his career as he found them enjoyable and an interesting alternative to his much more complicated paintings.
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