Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Vet hospital

Veterinarians have a tough job. On any given day a veterinarian has to deal with a wide range of problems from a wide range of animal species. Some of these species may have drastically different physiological systems and a vet has to be trained to handle each one. Vets also have to deal with animal behaviors that can be unexpected and even violent. A day at the veterinary hospital isn't like a day at the regular hospital. But like any doctor, vets see a few unique problems and many cases that are common and similar.
One of the most common problems a vet has to deal with is allergic skin disease. Pets have many diverse allergic reactions to a wide variety of substances every day. On any given day a vet may see several cases of allergic reactions to food, flea allergies, or inhalant allergies. Other non-allergic skin disease treatments are also a common occurrence at a veterinary hospital. Another common problem is known as gastroenteritis which means diarrhea. Vomiting may also be another symptom of this problem.
These are common problems for household pets and unfortunately, a common cause is ingesting human food or other harmful substances. Quite often a misinformed owner is feeding the pet human food. Dental issues are another common problem. Dogs and cats especially need special care for their teeth. This care is often ignored until it's too late and then tooth extraction becomes a necessity. Prevention is always better than procrastination. Your pet deserves love and care. If your pet develops these problems, make sure to make an appointment at a trusted vet hospital.
Murrayhill Vet Hospital ( ) Our experienced, compassionate staff is dedicated to the highest standards of excellence in providing preventative, diagnostic, and treatment care for dogs, cats, birds, ferrets, rabbits, pocket pets, reptiles, and other exotics, all at our convenient, fully-equipped Portland, Beaverton, and Tigard vet clinic.

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