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Natural Neem Oil for Flea and Tick Control

How to Use Natural Neem Oil for Flea and Tick Control on Dogs

(NaturalNews) Using neem oil for flea and tick control for dogs is different than for cats and preparations have different quantities of active ingredients. Commercially available toxic pesticide products are being advertised everywhere; although they may be fast and easy, they may also be deadly to some animals. Using organic neem oil promotes healthy dogs by protecting their livers against damage from poisons, their immune systems against neurotoxins, and their skin against allergic reactions to commercialproducts. What follows are suggestions for usingnaturalneem oil as a natural flea and tick control fordogs.

The seemingly miraculous substance known asneemcomes from the bark, leaves andoilof the neem tree and has been used in India for centuries as a natural Ayurvedic remedy for a multitude of ailments and preventatives. Neem oil promotes a shiny,healthycoat in animals, a strong immune system and healthyskin. And lucky for us, it is a wonderfulorganicproduct that can easily and safely be made into a natural flea and tick control mixture for pets. It's safe for humans too - and it works, incredibly well on dogs, for flea and tick control.

Using Neem Oil as a Rub for Flea Control on Dogs

-Place a few drops of neem oil on palms and simply rub hands through your pet's fur for effective flea and tick control. Neem oil is best used this way for dogs, only, not for cats.

-For sensitive dogs, dilute the neem oil 1:10 in a light carrier oil like almond or jojoba and rub palms first. Then run hands thoroughly through the dog's coat for natural, effective flea and tick control.

Organic Neem Oil Makes an Excellent Flea and Tick Spray

-Prepare a general flea and tick spray by mixing 2.5 ml (1/2 ounce) of organic neem oil with 1-2 ml (1/4-1/2 ounce) of mildsoapor detergent and .5 liter (2 cups)water. For a stronger solution if there is a problem or thedogwill be going into deep bug country, mix 5 ml neem oil, 2 ml mild soap or detergent and .5 liter (2 cups ) water. Use warm, not hot, water to dissolve the oil. Mix water and soap first and then slowly add neem oil for flea and tick control. Add to sprayer and use immediately. Discard after use. Neem oil is unstable and breaks down after 8 hours. Mix anew each time.

Make a Natural Flea and Tick Control Shampoo for Dogs from Neem Oil

Add neem oil into petshampooat a rate of 1-5 ml (roughly 1/2 ounce) for every 100 ml (8 ounces) of shampoo. Use the lesser amount for a preventative maintenance shampoo adding more neem oil to the mix if the dog has an existing or severe infestation. Blend shampoo well into the coat. It will leave an odor that will continue to repel unwanted pests. Treat weekly or more often for effective flea and tick control for dogs and to catch all insects in their various stages of development.


-Use only pure, 100% organic neem oil.

-Be aware: neem oil smells terrible. But it works and it's safe foranimalsand humans.


-Caution is advised when using neem oil on animals that are breeders or about to be bred. Use neem oil at half strength for flea and tick control.

-Do not treat cats with concentrated neemoilthat is left on the skin. Using neemleaftea is far safer for felines. See accompanyingarticlefor recipes for natural flea and tick control for cats.


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