Tuesday, February 28, 2012

ostrich feathers

Ostrich Feathers

Ostrich feathers have being used since ancient times. They were used in Egypt by Cleopatra and King Tutankhamen in ornamentation and fans. In Rome they were used by roman officers in their headgear to indicate their rank. Today these feathers are used in centerpieces in wedding ceremonies and other events like baby shower, bridal shower, birthday party, confirmation, communion, corporate event, engagement, family reunion, high school prom, graduation, school reunion, sweet sixteen, or New Years Eve party etc.

Ostrich feathers are available in many different colors like black, gray, gold, orange, red, pink, yellow, fuchsia, magenta, burgundy, blue, navy, teal, turquoise, purple, Kelly green, emerald, forest, lime, rose, lavender, royal, mint, peach and cream. Ostrich feathers or drabs make very elegant centerpieces.
With Ostrich plumes we can also make very soft dusters. They are also used for cleaning purposes as they have natural oil in them which attract dust particles and hold on dust particles. These dusters last long after long frequent use. They easily clean dust without pressing hard. Also these dusters can be easily cleaned after their use with a mild soap or shampoo. Also if possible use lukewarm water to clean it and then leave it overnight or use a hairdryer to dry it. Also store them at room temperature so that they last long as humidity can damage them. These dusters can be used to clean knickknacks, glass, electronics, furniture etc.
We can make quiet eye catchy feather tress with ostrich feathers and can use bright, colorful and dyed feathers. Theses feathers comes in 5 inches to 30 inches of length and natural colors in which they are available are brown, gray, white and black and also we can dye them to achieve the color of our choice. Dying an ostrich feather is also not a tedious job and this can be done at home only by following simple steps.
1. First of all choose the dye according to your taste whether you want any vibrant color or want a subtle look.
2. Take a big container filled with water and cook the ingredients until their colors are released and place the feathers into the water without bending them. Let the feathers soak the color and let them get darker than the color you want because once they are dried the color will lighten.
3. Take the feathers out of the container and in order to dry the feathers use a hairdryer with lowest settings so that you do not scorch them with direct heat and after that pat them with a towel to get off moisture as much as possible.
4. Now place them on a newspaper and put dry starch on them and after sometime shake the feathers one by one or tap them against table edge or any other edge to get starch out of them. This will give fluffiness to the feathers.
Not only fashion designers are using natural color or dyed ostrich feathers in their dresses but now these feathers are liked by many women and are used by them to add grace to their dresses, hairstyles and give them an elegant look.
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