Thursday, February 16, 2012


Taming a Monkey Mind

OK you've decided you are going to be more positive; you are going to try and banish those negative thoughts... you have been doing great then something happens, and bang!
That negative monster in your head will not be quiet, and before you know it you are spiraling and the little negative mole hills your monster has created are growing into mountains!

STOP... you can turn it around.
The ancient Yogis gave a term for this and called it a 'Monkey Mind'. Looking at the busy mind chatter as a mischievous monkey leaping around from tree to tree, left to its own devices it will play havoc be naughty and get you into all sorts of trouble. They believe you must build a pole through the centre of your mind and direct the monkey to the pole so it can climb up and down and play! Believing that if your mind does not provide direction it will look to wherever it can.
So what can you do?
Here are some suggestions: 
  • Firstly be authoritarian and tell yourself to 'STOP'; saying this out load can be more powerful.. Of course you may not want to do this whilst in the works canteen eating your tuna sandwich or sat on the can still say it in your head with authority.

  • Build your pole as above to tame the monkey or monster... be still be quite and breath this only takes a few minutes to re focus your mind.. focus on your breathing, inhale exhale... this will stop the spiralling.

  • Replace the negative with a positive, whatever you are thinking stop and look at what you are actually saying are you presuming something is going to happen? maybe you are worried about a forthcoming meeting and saying things like ' I can't do this' 'what if this happens' 'what if that happens' etc. Change your thinking and re affirm to yourself by stating ' I am well prepared for this meeting, I will produce my report with confidence and ease, I will be well understood and praised for my input'.

  • Next time you have thoughts that are limiting or damaging and negative, ask yourself questions: What am I really worried about here? How can I best handle this? Where and what was I doing when these thoughts started? By asking this question you may find a trigger to what caused thoughts in the first place.

  • Simply let it go! yes let it go we have so many thoughts going through our head every second of every day we cannot possibly analyse and make sense of them all... you may acknowledge them but just let them pass.
I am a certified Life Coach and if you want to bring balance into your life and release your true potential please contact me or visit for further details.
Be your Best Always

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