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asiatic lion

Asiatic Lions - (Gir National Park) India

I want to dedicate this article to the Lion lovers all across the world. Lion is the biggest cat living on the planet. You will find Lion's in Africa and in Gir (The village in India) also called Gir national Park. You will find Asiatic lions. The only place in Asia where these creatures are sailing in their natural environment.

Asiatic Lion is one of the seven sub-species of lions on this planet. Its scientific name is "Panthera Leo Persica". Gir, popular name for part of Gujarat in India is the only place where this magnificent animal is found today.
Asiatic lions feed on wild pigs, cattle, antelope and deer in the wild. Present population of Asiatic Lion is 359 and is increasing every year because of conservation efforts of local people and Government of Gujarat. It is the war for the big cats in Madhya Pradesh (India), called the tiger state of India, and Gujarat, home to the Asiatic lion. Madhya Pradesh wanted lions and Gujarat doesn't have any tiger. "Tigers for lions," prescribes Dr M K Ranjit Singh, a wildlife expert, who hails from Gujarat but worked in Madhya Pradesh as the forest secretary and later with the government of India. He feels this will fulfil the aspirations of both states.
Asian lion's are quite different than African lion's within their sizes and weights. The African lion is slightly larger, has a somewhat narrower muzzle, and lacks the small roll of skin along the belly.
Because of Lion Gir national park has become pretty famous all across the world. Lot of tourist come all the way from US, UK, Australia and Europe counties. Lion has been the major attraction amongst these tourist and due to this high interest Gir National park has become the second largest visited national park in India.
Finally I insist that you must visit Gir national park to enjoy Asiatic lions. How To Reach Gir national Par:.
Place: Sasan Gir, Junagarh district, Gujarat
Best season: Mid October-Mid June, November and February is the best time for sighting the lions
Nearest Town: Veraval (42km)
Main attraction: Famed as the only abode of Asiatic lion
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