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Dog Info - History of Dogs Believed to Be a Descendant to the Wolves

Though there are some different accounts of the most likely heritage of dogs, most people believe that dogs are the descendants of the gray wolf. There were the first signs of relationships between man and wolves that date back to 10,000-15,000 years ago. It is not certain whether it was man who first approached the wolves to befriend or if it was the wolf. Whoever approached the other first is not as important as the bond that formed between them.

Back then, the wolves and man both benefited from having each other. Man used the wolves to hunt with, and for keeping flocks together. Wolves were given substance and food from man. They are very social animals, and like humans they too enjoy and thrive on companionship. They also live in groups or packs, and have different social ranks like people do. Over time, the wolf eventually had some genetic changes that produced different breeds and kinds, which is said to have evolved into the many breeds of dogs that exist today.
The early bond between wolves and man makes a lot of sense to dog lovers. There has always been a special connection between man and dog, and it only makes sense that this evolved long ago. The companionship that the wolves and man brought to each other back then has continued to grow and strengthen in bonds with animals and humans. The genetic differences that evolved from gray wolves to dogs is complex, and there are certainly a lot of traits that changed during the process which allowed dogs to be more tame yet still have the natural instinct to hunt.
They are a very intelligent animal, and many people adore the friendship and company that they bring to their lives. There are a lot of good resources online that you can check out to learn more about the history of dogs, as well as how they came around to be so different. The range of size and temperament among many other interesting traits, is always been a source of wonderment for scientists and researchers. If you want to learn more about your favorite type of dog info and how that breed came to be, you can search online by breed and history of dog info and find a lot of good information available to read.

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