Tuesday, March 6, 2012

information of parrots

Great Information on Parrots

One of the most charming and intelligent creatures in the animal kingdom is the parrot. We are captivated by the beauty of this creature, but before adopting a parrot, here are three essential parrot information that one must know.
Most experts note that having a pet parrot is not that easy, however, I am sure that even though they say that it is hard, you still would want to own one. In this light, here are here are 3 essential information on parrots that you should consider.

Parrots Live a Long Time!
The first is that most parrots lives a very long life. They have such long lives that sometimes they outlive their owners! Now the question that you must ask yourself is that will you still be around to take good care of your pet. If you still decide to get one be sure that there will be someone that will be able to take care of your pets just in case.
Parrots are Smart!
Parrots are intellectual animals. As what I have said earlier, they are one of the most intelligent animals around, there intelligence is exceptional that in order to function properly they need constant intellectual stimulation. If they will not have enough intellectual stimulation they would tend to get bored and trust me, you do not want your Parrot to get bored. If they are bored, they tend to be very noisy and they will start picking their feathers.
Where is My Food?
The third and the most important fact that you must know about parrots is that it will take a lot of effort for you to feed them properly. Your parrot needs more than seed and pellets, but you must also be aware that not all foods are suited to be eaten by a parrot. So you must take an extra effort in preparing foods for your pets.
This information on parrots tidbits should help you decide if you would like to adopt a parrot. If you are OK with the uniqueness of parrots, then by all means, adopt one! Parrots are incredibly fun pets with beauty and flair, and will make a great addition to your family.
Ty Easley loves parrots and raises parrots for a living. He is a parrot care expert and has helped teach parrot owners how to properly adopt and care for their parrots for over 10 years. Click here for more Information on Parrots [http://parrotcare911.com/important-information-on-parrots] or go to Parrot Care for Ty's outstanding and free mini course on parrots.

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