Tuesday, March 6, 2012

information of parrot

Valuable General Information About Parrots

The first thing that we all should do after picking out our parrot is to find a suitable cage for it. Even though some people intend on letting them fly around the house, it is safer to keep them in cages most of the time. Always make sure that the cage has enough space for your parrot to move freely. A good rule of thumb, is that the more space your feathered friend has in her cage the happier she will be.

Cages are definitely recommended because they will keep your parrot safe and confine their mess to a small area. Cages can be used to protect your parrot from other pets that you have in your house and certain obstacles such as fans. Also, by keeping your parrot in a cage you are reducing the chance that they will fly into windows and injuring themselves. Cages are available in the local pet stores and they come in different sizes. The size of cage required depends on the size of bird. Suggested cage dimensions for different parrots are as follows:
Macaw: 36" by 24"
Conures: 24" by 22"
Cockatiels: 22" by 17"
African Grey: 32" by 23"
Cockatoo: 36" by 24"
Moving on. Make sure your parrot's diet is optimal as it is one of the most critical aspects of its health. Feed your parrot at the same time every day because failing to do so may lead to behavioral problems that may cause them to strike at their owners or anyone trying to touch them. They should be fed nutritious, healthy foods and they need to have access to fresh, clean water that is replaced every day.
Parrots are able to keep themselves clean in the wild, but they need your help when they are living with you. You will have to clean and bath your parrot on a regular basis. Most parrots enjoy bathing in a bathtub or shower, but some do not. If your parrot freaks out in the shower or the bath then just get a spray bottle filled with warm water and spray them with it. Make sure you use warm water since parrots get cold too. When you are finished bathing your feathered friend leave her in a warm place so she can dry herself off.
Parrots live in flocks and are very social and they also love to play. So during your free time, try to play with your parrot. You can even cuddle with it, which makes them feel appreciated and loved.
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