Monday, November 28, 2011

Veterinary Practice

Ok, you have just bought your lovely new kitten and are all excited. Now it's time to consider trying to find a local veterinary or vet practice that is the best one to suit you and your kitten.
Hopefully there won't be many frequent visits, however when you do, you have to feel happy that they can treat your kitten as and when he requires care.
Before I start, it is worth mentioning that you should not be afraid to ask your vet questions while they are examining your kitten. They will only be too happy to explain what they are checking for.
So here are the seven tips or facts you should consider when choosing a vet..
1. How do other cat owners in your area feel about their vet?
2. Are their requirements the same as yours?
3. What are the practice consultation times and will they be convenient for you?
4. What services and facilities does the practice offer? And what range of animal species are normally treated? For instance you may own a Siberian Kitten, have they had any experiences with that breed before?
5. What are the routine treatment costs? There could be a variation in costs, depending on location, facilities offered and overheads.
6. Where is the practice located and is it near any transport links? Does it have a car par, and are there any branch practices which may be nearer to your home?
7. Is the practice accredited with a recognised Veterinary body or organization?
Keep a note of these tips and facts to consider and wish you all the best with your carefully considered choice.
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